196px-Natsu ready to fight - PV
Natsu is main person in the anime Fairytail when Gray's around he picks a fight with him. When he was little he was trying to find his dragon in the city but he was no one Daphan putted a spell on him, the city was no where to be found there were no people in it but Natsu he kept looking for him but he was near be found. Then he joined the Guild name Fairytail  he met Erza,Gray,Mirajane at frist. 



Natsu is trustfull person to trust if he sees a quest he does it with Lucy & Happy. Natsu was close to Lisanna, Lisanna is Mirajane's sister before she died around 3 years ago Lisanna really liked Natsu, they really played around alot. As a Dragon Slayer, Natsu suffers from motion sickness he gets sick by riding anything like a train, or a boat any Dragon Slayer can have a motion sickness.


Natsu can make fire out of anything he is a  'Fire dragon slayer'  any part of his body is made of fire that is how he can breathe with fire anytime and eat it. One magic is called Fire Dragon Roar Natsu signature Dragon's roar in which he quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of flames from his mouth at/in his target. 

Magic games Sting vs Natsu

When Natsu was fighting Sting Natsu was brave to pullback and he thought what natsu promised Lucy so Natsu was only doing this for his guild & Lucy, on the other hand a Dragon is called "Twin Dragon" Sting & Rogue are Twin dragons Sting is White dragon'  Rogue is Shawdow Dragon'  their power is strong but not stronger then Natsu's